About this Blog

This first post is dedicated to my readers of this blog. I would like to introduce myself, i am a blogger - i don't keep myself into limited genre by saying i am a health blogger or tech blogger or link to any specific niche. I have experienced of blogging into various niches - hence i have few personal favorite niches, but most essential thing  - i reach to wide section of society with my blogs. I give advice to the people - how to grow taller, and other side give them information to buy health products after reading our well researched reviews.  I don't stop here, i work to various other niches such as motivation, my personal favorite and offer my readers wide variety of topics into this.

Why do i do health blogging?

Essentially, blogging gives me freedom. It can link me with some running or upcoming movements in the society. I can aware my readers, giving them some good insights.

Why i started another health blog?

I have started this blog for various reasons, one most important reason to ensure reach to my audience - this blog will summarize my other blogs, by various ways.

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